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Rendering Publications for Assembly Information. Aceprex is the ideal destination for providing online ambience of promoting Publications for compound audience, communities, classes (of public and private organizations, communities, groups, units) with excellent leadership-membership interaction.

About AcePrex

Aceprex is an online publication platform that aims at facilitating the activities of journalism, media communication, writers and Publishers by providing a medium for presenting information or news professionally for records and classification purposes.

Creating of Publication Line on Aceprex is perfected when all requirements are fulfilled by the individual or group who wants to create an audience or community for publishing news and information. However, a qualified individual can create a number of different Publications for different purposes. Likewise an individual can join as many different Publications for different kinds of information from different Publishers or writers.

Aceprex is specially designed to improve the quality relationship between ‘Information Providers’ and ‘Information Receivers’; teachers and learners, bloggers and readers, leaders and followers, service providers and clients, etc

Moreover, members of a Publication can respond to a post by the following:

  • Like or dislike content.
  • Comment about content.
  • Reply to comment about content.
  • Save content for future reading.
  • Download content as PDF into the user’s account library.

Aceprex also enables a user to host a number downloaded books into an account library. The user’s library contains all saved or downloaded books from different ‘Publications’; and are arranged orderly according to time.

Therefore, Aceprex is very useful for the following category of services or activities:

  • Educational Organizations.
  • News Agencies.
  • Corporate Entities.
  • Social Communities.
  • Academic Teams.
  • Research Teams.
  • Religious Groups.
  • Bloggers.

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More About AcePrex

Aceprex is basically an avenue for creating and developing Public-Unit- Block commonly called ‘Publications’ (for public, groups, communities, organizations, class etc.). A Publication is an assembly oriented platform on Aceprex where the creator of the Publications is identified as the ‘Publisher’. Publications are acknowledged by their purposes and for that matter the Publisher of the Publication determines the vision of the Publication and the character of information presented in the Publications. For a model-publication hub, the Publisher of the Publication is the publication-general who is responsible for routine presentation of information in the Publications.

Aceprex provides the medium for a Publisher of a Publication to continuously publish information to the members of the Publications. A Publication functions as a cell-group or classroom for presenting or teaching subjects or addressing issues by Publishers, leaders, teachers, experts or masters of the arts and acts, to members/audience/learners.

The Publisher, after been approved to create a Publication, has the responsibilities of defining/describing the Publication and reaching out to the purpose; posting publication, accepting, rejecting or withdrawing members from the Publication for effective community membership management.

Publishers are approved by Aceprex after they have been identified as professionals, experienced, knowledgeable or leaders of a particular field, subject, profession, vision, agenda, mandate or activity.

As a member, the main purpose of joining a Publication(s) is to receive information from Publishers/writers, teachers, experts or professionals of a field, subject or issue. On Aceprex, one is not limited to the number of Publications that can be joined. A user can request to join any or different Publications on Aceprex; whereby membership request can be approved by the Publishers of the Publications only.

The fundamental purpose of joining Publication(s) is to receive publications from different Publishers who are identified as professionals, experienced, knowledgeable, or leaders of a particular field, subject, profession, vision, agenda, mandate or activity. A member of a Publication has the privilege to read, react and save publications from different Publications. Joining a Publication is as simple as sending a membership request to the Publication as you await for approval from the Publisher of the Publication.

Members of Publications can download and save publications as PDF documents by Publishers into their personal Aceprex library for online and offline uses

A member can save a large number of PDF documents into his/her Aceprex library, which can further be shared in other Publications by different Publishers as well as other digital platforms. Documents from the library can also be shared on other internet platforms.

On Aceprex there is a copious collection of articles by experienced bloggers, witters, Publishers, researchers etc. Articles are classified under 24 different categories of modern fields of activities. Therefore, a user can have a wide range of categories for gathering information for different purposes. Writing of articles is opened to the public to embrace different skills and expertise of people all over the world to share information on topics and subjects across the 24 categories

Publishers or writers of articles are accepted by Aceprex according to their relationship and/or experience in any of the 24 categories of modern fields of activities. Therefore, users can be assured of quality information anytime. Each category may also contain news articles that fall in the requirement of the category by special news bloggers and journalist.

Daily news has never been captivating until it is experienced on Aceprex. Daily news on Aceprex covers global events that relate to 24 areas of modern activities. Ace News are carefully selected news items from different parts of the world; that have enough elements for individual and collective information, reformation and transformation of society. On Aceprex there is a continuous update of daily international news for users. This section contains a number of daily happenings around the world. News items in this section stays are updated every 24 hours.

Aceprex provides an efficient means of sending information from one user to another. Users can use the platform to send messages of different contents such as text, images, audio and video formats. Chat on Aceprex is very fast and enhances effective communication. This section also displays the list of users online for easy chat-targets navigation.