A ‘model-publication’ center for information and integrated presentation.

With the ‘model-publication’ concept, published items are prepared for a target audience with a routine template of information structure, content and design. It is often the ideal concept for Special Publications (Journals, News Papers, Magazines, Articles, Archives, Research Papers, Market Research, Statistics, Commercial Reports and Company Updates). Aceprex renders ‘Public-Unit-Block’ for assembly information. The Public-Unit-Block (Publications) is the classic feature for providing online ambience of promoting particular subjects or content for compound audience, communities, classes (of public and private organizations, communities, groups, units) with excellent writer-reader interaction.

Why Aceprex?

Aceprex is the ideal destinations for private and commercial publications of regular and/or routine information. Aceprex allows Publishers or writers to create an interactive platform for readers or audience called ‘Publications’; where newspapers, journals, articles, magazines, tracts, flyer etc. in PDF formats can be read, reacted to, and discussed by readers.

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Create a Publication Line.

Aceprex is basically an avenue for creating and developing Public-Unit- Block commonly called ‘Publications’ (for public, groups, communities, organizations, class etc.). A Publications is an assembly oriented platform on Aceprex where the creator of the Publications is identified as the ‘Publisher’. Publications are acknowledged by their purposes and for that matter the Publisher of the Publications determines the vision of the Publications and the character...

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Join a Publication

As a member, the main purpose of joining a Publication(s) is to receive information from Publishers/writers, teachers, experts or professionals of a field, subject or issue. On Aceprex, one is not limited to the number of Publications that can be joined. A user can request to join any or different Publications on Aceprex; whereby membership request can be approved by the Publishers of the Publications only.

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Daily Global News Update

Daily news has never been captivating until it is experienced on Aceprex. Daily news on Aceprex covers global events that relate to 24 areas of modern activities. Aceprex News are carefully selected news items from different parts of the world; that have enough elements for individual and collective information, reformation and transformation of society.

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